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mythtv wiki’s

November 30, 2004

I started a few “how to” wiki’s at The mythgame and upgrade to cvs how to’s even made it into Jarod Wilson’s guide, Fedora Myth(TV)ology.
I can’t take all the credit, they are wikis and some have been tweaked since initial posting.


gmail invite incentive program

November 29, 2004

I am giving a gmail invite to the next 6 people who complete any offer through my,, or links. Please email me once you have completed your offer.

site redesign

November 29, 2004

Finally got around to making some design changes on the site. Definitely still some more to come. I renamed the site as well. Beobachtungen means observations in German.

google adsense

November 27, 2004

I finally got around to activating my Google AdSense account and incorporating it into this Movable Type blog. Basically just cut and paste their code into the index template. We’ll see what happens…


November 17, 2004

I took the easy way out and decided on PPTP instead of IPSEC to setup remote access. With White Box Enterprise Linux (RHEL clone) I downloaded the RPM’s from Sourceforge, also needed kernel source and followed these outdated instructions for RH.
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eGroupware printer friendly calendar

November 14, 2004

I built a css template for the eGroupware suite to improve the look of the printer friendly calendar page. Upload app_print.css to [egroupware_dir]/calendar/templates/default/. The underlying code is not ideal to lay a stylesheet on, but I think it prints a lot better. See screenshots of before and after here…
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November 11, 2004

Came across this project the other day. Looks pretty intersting for RH/FC users who want to de-bloat their OS. SymphonyOS

MythTV setup :: channel icons

November 10, 2004

To show the channel icons in the guide…
perl /usr/share/doc/mythtv-0.16/contrib/
mythfilldatabase –import-icon-map iconmap.xml –update-icon-map

MythTV setup :: xine

November 10, 2004

I don’t like not being able to see the DVD menus in mplayer, so I switched to xine.

apt-get install xine xine-lib

DVD Player Command: xine -pfhq –no-splash dvd://
Video Player Command: xine -pfhq –no-splash %s

MythTV setup :: keybindings

November 10, 2004

Couldn’t change keybindings in mythweb .16 and my SQL is a little rusty so I used mySQL Control Center to change keybindings for MythMusic.
FFWD -> Right
REW -> Left