November 17, 2004

I took the easy way out and decided on PPTP instead of IPSEC to setup remote access. With White Box Enterprise Linux (RHEL clone) I downloaded the RPM’s from Sourceforge, also needed kernel source and followed these outdated instructions for RH.

rpm -Uvh kernel-source-[your kernel]
rpm -Uvh ppp-2.4.3-0.cvs_20040527.1.i386.rpm
rpm -Uvh pptp-1.2.1-1.i386.rpm
rpm -Uvh dkms-2.0.2-1.noarch.rpm
rpm -Uvh kernel_ppp_mppe-0,0,4-3dkms.noarch.rpm

edit conf files as per PoPToP docs

# echo “daemon.debug /var/log/pptpd.log” >> /etc/syslog.conf
# /sbin/service syslog restart
# /sbin/chkconfig pptpd on
# /sbin/service pptpd start

I haven’t wanted/had the time to get into iptables configuration so I am using firestarter. Opened TCP port 1723, but the connection did not work. The logs reported:
GRE: Bad checksum from ppd.

Needed to open up GRE (can’t do with firestarter afaik). So…
# echo “/sbin/iptables -I INPUT -p gre -j ACCEPT” >> /etc/rc.d/rc.local

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