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dynamic xml / rss feeds using php

December 28, 2004

I setup an rss feed using php on my company’s website (which I also designed and developed). It involves a little trickery with the headers. I created an index.php file then put this at the top of the page…
header('Content-type: text/xml');

…to tell the browser to treat it as xml despite the php extension. I got the info here Richard@Home. Didn’t need to deal with the short tag notation as the document is php to start with.

The rest is straightforward php mysql coding.


nuvola mythtv theme

December 26, 2004

Here is my first go at a mythtv theme. It is basically a bastardized version of g.a.n.t. with nuvola icons and a new background. View the readme file for all the credits. To install,

$ cd ~
$ wget
$ su
# cd /usr/share/mythtv/themes
# tar xvzf /home/mythtv/nuvola-theme-0.1.tar.gz

Download here.
Screenshots are below.
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linux on the acer travelmate c300 tablet

December 12, 2004
EDIT: 1/9/06 – My beloved tablet is up on eBay, so I won’t be updating this doc anymore.

Here are my notes on the install on Fedora Core 3. They are still a work in progress. (Last update Feb 5)
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