print sharing woes [pt. 2]

March 15, 2005

When trying to setup the Toshiba copier as a shared printer on a 2K box, I picked up this error:
Printer settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed.
I logged in as an administrator, deleted and reinstalled the printer, but the problem persisted.
I finally got it to work by installing a phony local printer using the Toshiba drivers, sharing that, then changing the port in the printer properties to \e-studio45\direct.

3 Responses to “print sharing woes [pt. 2]”

  1. Giorgios Says:

    Hi there !

    I had the same problem today and I was searching a solution for this and I found your website. Tried your solution with no luck.
    After trying and trying… I noticed that the server service on my computer was disabled. Enabled that and now works like a charm.

    Just wanted to let you know what was wrong in my case !


  2. Jim Ramsey Says:

    Hi: I picked your site up on a search for e-studio 35/45 problems. Here is mine: Our Toshiba is hooked up to our Linux network using the 1040 interface ( It works great from Win98 machines, but printing and property changes from a WinXP machine takes forever. When it finally does print, it goes full speed. 1 page may take three minutes to print. 20 pages will take three min. – 20 sec. The network seems to be sending 2k packets back and forth from the printer to the computer at a rate of one packet per second. If I ping the address there is no delay.
    Any ideas?


  3. baumer Says:

    Same issues here.

    The only way it is bareable is to share it on a downgraded client (XP SP1 seems to work fine). I don’t expect Toshiba to come up with a fix ever, so I am just telling them to move on and replace it.

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