backup solutions

July 2, 2005

I’m slowly trying to migrate all my clients off of Travan tapes. I can’t believe they still sell these devices. They are horribly inconsistent, prone to hardware failures, and the tapes are painfully expensive. They are what give tape backup a bad name.

I was pushing everyone towards DAT drives which I have found to be very stable, but recently, I have pushed a few clients towards using online backups. For people that don’t need to backup more than 4GB it makes a lot of sense. The major pitfalls of tapes are that users don’t change them and don’t take them offsite. Online backups take care of these pitfalls for you. The two that we have been using provide versioning (choose from up to 10 snapshots to restore from) and strong encryption for both transfers and storage.

Here are the two we have been pimping:
Remote Data Backups

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