norton bloatware

July 18, 2005

I stopped installing Symantec anti-virus products when Norton Internet Security began grinding PC’s with less than 512MB of RAM to a halt and the corporate edition‘s new licensing began requiring annual subscription fees that cost as much as the initial purchase.

When I setup new soho PC’s now, I pull off whatever trial version of AV they come with and install CA EZtrust anti-virus. It is what anti-virus software should be without all the added on crap. If you use the Microsoft link (click on Computer Associates), you get a year free trial, no credit card necessary.

CA’s eTrust AV is just as good for the enterprise/smb. It’s cheap and updates are free for the life of the product. They also offer a great tool that can automate the removal of almost any common anti-virus program you might be running, rmcompt.exe.

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