i hate mcafee

August 17, 2005

Twice I have found the preinstalled version of McAfee “Security Center” (once from Dell, once from AOL) to hose network communications. What’s worse, it is only some things and disabling McAfee altogether does not fix the problem.

  1. User calls and can’t connect to MSN via broadband. Everything else works fine. Can ping the IP address, web browsing, email, etc. no problem. Just MSN. One of the first things I tried was disabling McAfee firewall and anti-virus. The problem persisted so I moved onto the next thing. Just before giving up, I uninstalled McAfee alltogether and (after the 3 reboots required) voila MSN worked again.
  2. User called because network printing wouldn’t work. I could ping the printer and access the web interface, but printing would fail. Same thing with McAfee disabled. After an uninstall and this time 4 reboots (are you kidding me!). It magically worked again.

Don’t even get me started on the whole register and login to our website to receive your free virus definition update thing.

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