hula progress

August 31, 2005

The Hula groupware server should have some excitement around it pretty soon as an excellent Exchange alternative. It is a bare-bones, down to busines email/calendar/address server with a pretty web interface. The developers have taken a refreshing stance that their software will not be everything to everybody and hence will not suffer from the bloat of trying to be a file manager/project manager/crm/vegetable peeler.

Lately, they have been showing off the new calendar interface which looks pretty slick (although I think it could sacrifice some of the fade-in fade-out eye candy for speed and usability), Jabber capability, and are touting an email interface that will beat gmail at their own game.

2 Responses to “hula progress”

  1. I came across the Zimbra Client, I wonder if this is on that same train of thought as Hula. Since Zimbra also use AJAX as the client, and got some nifty features like integrating your dates mention on your email body and relating it witht your calendar.

  2. baumer Says:

    I am not a big fan of Zimbra myself. Read this thread for some less than enthusiastic comments on it.

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