linksys wpc54g ver. 1.2 is really v2.

October 3, 2005

Here’s a fun one. I needed to reinstall a Linksys WPC54G PC card on a Windows 2000 laptop. On the Linksys site, there are 3 options, v1, v2, or v3. OK, so I flip the card over and check the version. It says ver. 1.2??
I go ahead an assume that v1 covers ver. 1.2. Installed the drivers and software, everything looked fine, but the card showed up as inactive.
I had to run, so I left it for the next day. That night I did a chat with Linksys tech support:

Hi, my name is James Ryan D. (25471). How may I help you?
Unknown: I have a WPC54G ver.1.2. Which drivers do I download? v1?
James Ryan D. (25471): Give me a few moments and let me check to see what the latest driver version is for your adapter.
Unknown: When I intalled the v1 drivers in Windows 2000 it says the the device is not enabled (or inactive) I can’t remember.
Unknown: The card is working fine using built in drivers on XP.
James Ryan D. (25471): Please download drivers if the the version 1./
James Ryan D. (25471): So why do you want to download drivers?
Unknown: huh…
James Ryan D. (25471): Why do you want to download drivers?
Unknown: Don’t have install disk. Need to use on Win2k laptop.
Unknown: Does “Please download drivers if the the version 1./” mean I should use the v1 drivers?
James Ryan D. (25471): Okay you can go to our download site and use the driver for wpc54g v1.
Unknown: Win2k sees the device as active in the device manager as v3. Then the linksys wireless management software says the card is inactive.
Unknown: What do I need to do to make the software see it.
James Ryan D. (25471): Please give me a few moments. I am currently doing some research on the issue and will return shortly. I apologize in advance for the delay.
James Ryan D. (25471): What driver did you use to install the card?
Unknown: v1
James Ryan D. (25471): Okay, what lights do you see on the card right now?
Unknown: Just power.
James Ryan D. (25471): How about we restart that 2K computer.
Unknown: done that… same thing
James Ryan D. (25471): Okay can we please go to the network connections window.
Unknown: Ok.
James Ryan D. (25471): Please tell me how many icons do we have there?
James Ryan D. (25471): And what are the names of those icons?
Unknown: Two. one for wired, one for wireless. LAC 2 is the wireless
James Ryan D. (25471): Okay.
James Ryan D. (25471): Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the device?
Unknown: Yes.
James Ryan D. (25471): Is this wireless card working properly on other laptops?
Unknown: yes. works fine on my xp laptop
James Ryan D. (25471): Uninstall the device again, then try to run a regisrty cleaner software on that 2K laptop.

That confirmed I was using the right drivers at least. I’ll try again tomorrow. Again, doesn’t work. Tried scouring their ftp site for older drivers to rollback to. Still nothing worked.

At this point, I had spent more time than the card was worth in trying to get it to work. I finally Googled it. Found this page. Turns out ver. 1.2 is really v2. How convenient…


6 Responses to “linksys wpc54g ver. 1.2 is really v2.”

  1. Gmon3y Says:

    An alternative to linksys’ network monitoring utility would be download boingo from

  2. SiNaLoT Says:

    DUDE thanks so much. i was going crazy.

  3. Matt Says:

    Thanks so much, I thought it was v1 also.

  4. John S Says:

    I went to the Linksys site to download drivers for version 3 and the choices were v1, v2 and v4. I tried the CD that came with the card (secondary market) and it will not work. Can anyone help with telling me where the drivers for windows 2000 and a linksys wpc54g ver 3 adapter card are?

  5. Andy Papas Says:

    I have this ***pid device for 2 yrs now. I have used it on my UNIWILL laptop with win2k , winxp and redhat linux (ported v2 driver). In the win2k and winxp pro the device was crashing my pc after a random amount of time. The same device on the same laptop with the same ported windows-driver was working fine on redhat linux no matter how long the pc was switched on. I tried the card on other laptops and they seemed to work fine. I really cant figure out what else to do šŸ™‚ In the future I ll buy a different card maybe d-link. šŸ˜›

  6. Keith Says:

    Thank you. THANK YOU!!!!

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