mounting windows 2003 share in Linux

October 16, 2005

Tried using the old sudo mount -t smbfs -o username=user,password=pass //server/share /mnt/directory, but I got this error
cli_negprot: SMB signing is mandatory and we have disabled it.
15201: protocol negotiation failed
SMB connection failed

I could have disabled SMB signing on the server, but I came across cifs. It works like a charm:
sudo mount -t cifs -o username=user,password=pass //server/share /mnt/directory

7 Responses to “mounting windows 2003 share in Linux”

  1. Jan Vonck Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I had to change the signing key in W2K3 to get smbf working, but your trick worked immediately, after some googeling around


  2. Thanks I got the same issue and your solution worked for me really good.

  3. Dale Says:

    BTW: If you have a share name with spaces in it you can replace those spaces with code 40 when defining the shares in /etc/fstab. Such as:
    //hq_data/human40resources /home/hr cifs credentials=cif_cred_file,domain=MYBIZ,rw

  4. Dale Says:

    oops the blogs server stripped out the forward slash character. The space replacement code is: forwardslash zero four zero (\40)

  5. EmyrB Says:

    Excellent tip, worked like a charm. Any idea how I go about setting this up in fstab on Edgy, so the share can be accessible all the time?


  6. Agni Isador Says:

    Thank’s so much

  7. JasonS Says:

    THANKS!!! I’ve been struggling with this for several days, and I don’t have administration rights to the W2K3 server. Now my WinXP VM in linux should be able access shared drives.

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