Torn Down and Built Up

July 18, 2006

I’m giving this old site a long overdue overhaul. Things are pretty messy right now, but functional for the most part. I’ll be filling in the all the holes over the next few weeks.

The site is still built on WordPress. I’m constanly amazed at the power and flexibility of this little blogging app. Adding the 4 feeds to the bottom of the home page was dead simple with a few add-on plugins. I am using Popularity Contest for the “Stuff People Like Here” list and modified flickrRSS to pull in my photos from the also newly rebooted Zooomr. Right now, my links are just using Ma.gnolia’s javascript include which is pretty slow, but I plan on parsing and caching those locally soon using Barry Price’s Ma.gnolia plugin.

I’m hoping to be posting more often now, this site has fallen by the wayside as of late. I have a few backlogged posts in my head that I am looking forward to getting online.

My site design was inspired in part by Jeff Croft whose Django powered site convinced me to build more of a personal portal than a simple blog.


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