Ubuntu Upgrade

October 30, 2006

I did a clean upgrade to Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) over the weekend. It was a trial by fire of my backup system. Overall, the process couldn’t have gone much smoother. I currently rsync my home directory down to my MythTV box, then use duplicity to do a compressed and encrypted archive of the important stuff out to a storage space on the internet just in case my house burns down or something.

After the rebuild, to restore my data, I just rsync’ed it back. Then I grabbed the relevant hidden folders I needed — .mozilla-thunderbird for example — and I was good to go. Way easier than trying to dig up all the data from a Windows recovery.

I also decided to run the 64-bit version this time. So far, I haven’t many issues. I ran this script to get Wine working and am using nspluginwrapper for the new Linux Flash 9 plugin. Speaking of browser plugins, I headed over to the Quicktime site to see if any improvement had been made on that and I must say the Totem plugin is impressive (check it out)compared to the mplayerplug-in which I found to be pretty crappy.

Overall, I’m very impressed. It’s not perfect though. Nspluginwrapper is buggy. If it doesn’t improve too much, I may just start running Firefox as a 32-bit binary. I still need to do some tinkering to get Windows Media files to play in the browser, and get a handful of other apps like Opera and Beryl up and running. Before Edgy, I was thinking of buying a 20″ iMac. My decision is a little more difficult now, though. The plan was to wait until Spring for Leopard, but rumor has it they may one-up Microsoft and release it early. Decisions, decisions…


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