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FreePay/Gratis Networks Policy Change

March 3, 2006

Looks like we all have until 5/30/06 to complete our freebie deals. FreePay has appearently retroactively changed the rules on us.
I’ve been stuck needing 1 more referral for my free ipod for months now 😦

3/3/2006 10:50:55 AM
customer service wrote:

Important Change to Terms & Conditions

* With a start date of March 1, 2006 – users of FreePay websites have 90 days to complete all offer requirements.

* Upon completion of all offer requirements, existing users will need to print a “Redemption Form” that must be filled out in its entirety and mailed with a postmarked date no later than 30 days of completing their offer requirements.

You will find an indication of how many days you have left to complete the requirements on the Status page. When you have completed the requirements you will be able to download the redemption form from the Status page.


free ipod nano’s

November 1, 2005

Apple 4 GB iPod Nano Black
I have had 4 of the 5 referals needed to get my free ipod nano for a few months. Just one more to go, help me out!
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gmail invite incentive program

November 29, 2004

I am giving a gmail invite to the next 6 people who complete any offer through my,, or links. Please email me once you have completed your offer.